Vegan/ Vegetarian


Petit Hors d'oeuvres and Dips
Vegan Salads

Vegetarian Vegetable Hot Salads
Brussel Sprout Cranberry Salad
Hot Apple Cabbage Salad
Grilled Pineapple and Jicama Salad

Vegetarian Potatoes w/ Dairy and/or Cheese

Vegetarian w/ Seafood
Teryaki Shrimp Quinoa Bean Salad

Vegan w/ Veggies Only
Portobello Burgers
Cashew Curried Vegetables
Stuffed Acorn Squash
Grilled Balsamic Portobellos
Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce
Pumpkin Curry with Cashews and Sweet Potatoes

Vegan w/ Meat Alternatives or Tofu
Sweet Chili Teriyaki Tofu
Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers
Tofu with a KICK!
Curried Tofu
Fall Harvest Chili
Vegan Chili
Buffalo Tofu Kabobs
Hearty Vegan Chili
Sweet Chili Hoisin Glazed Tofu
Grilled Flatbread
Udon Stir Fry
Vegetarian Entrees
Breakfast Tofu Scramble
Black Bean Veggie Burgers
Spicy White Bean BBQ Veggie Burgers
Blue Cheese Vegetable Quiche

Vegetarian w/ Seafood
Smoked Almond Encrusted Ahi Tuna
Steamed Herbed Tilapia
Pineapple Lime Shrimp Kebobs
Lemon Mint Shrimp Kebobs
Sushi Rolls
Grilled Spring Salmon w/ Lemon Caper Butter
Mahi Mahi Chimichangas
Grilled Lemon Dill Steelhead Trout
Citrus Rubbed Salmon
Shrimp Arrabbiata
Cumin Lime Tilapia
Lemon Thyme Salmon over Wilted Garlic Greens

 Vegetarian Cakes and Pies
Fresh Pumpkin and Acorn Squash Pie
Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake w/ Mocha Ganache
Pumpkin Gobs with Cinnamon and Maple Icing

Vegetarian Cobblers, Muffins, and Tarts
Meal Accompaniments

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