Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Amazing Cake Decorating Set

Cake decorating has always bee something I wanted to be better at, but I just never invested in the right tools. The reasoning behind it is, well I also sew, embroider, scrapbook, paint, I dabble in wood work and photography, I love to crochet, and goodness you name it there is a chance I have interest in it. My craft rooms (plural) are mini craft stores.

That said, I have invested in every passion of mine and some tend to fall behind on the list.

However, I am proud to say I have finally been able to get myself a set of Decorating tips that I am IN LOVE WITH!

Thanks to great sellers on Amazon, I was able to review the YuliTech Cake Decoration Tip Set, which Included 16pcs Stainless Steel Icing Tip + 10 Plastic Bags + 1 coupler + measuring Spoon set which helps to make the perfect mixture.  Needless to say, I went from missing that one or two icing tips that I had from many a days ago, to owning a case that holds 16 beautiful, brand new, ready to make cake art tips, and a coupler which I have ALWAYS wanted (to make flowers).

To test them out, I ALMOST baked a full out cake for the family, but since the kids and I had literally just made brownies a day or two ago, and we try to eat somewhat heathy, I went ahead and just made a quick batch of buttercream icing and decorated a plate.

Before I go on I must answer the question and say yes, the kids helped clean the plate when I was finished – as well as we “painted” the brownies too (the toddler’s words not mine).

This set comes with the plastic pastry bags you need to start out with cake decorating. If you have your own pastry bags, then at least you know you can let the little ones practice with you, without using your nicer bags.

I tested out 5 of the tips before the heat of the sun was becoming too much for my delicate and quickly made buttercream (we live in a no AC house). When finished I looked at the plate and realized every cake I bake from here on out will look so much better. Presentation is just something I need to have in my life – and my cakes have been sadly lacking.

It was love.

IS love.

Honestly – I needed this set to complete me, and complete me it has! I have another set on the way (a different style) which I am equally excited to review!

This set can be purchased below: (It’s a great deal)

Happy Baking!


Aimee Gonzalez
Author and Owner of MomChefCraft
Previous Authot and Owner of Bargainbites00

* I received this product at a discount rate for my honest unbiased review, all reviews are based on my honest opinion and are 100% honest after testing the product*


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