Saturday, July 9, 2016

CONSTRUCTION: New name, and soon new style

Hello everyone!

It has been a CRAZY year in my life. So crazy I not only lost the time to update my beloved food blog, but the domain was totally stolen by someone in Japan.

Sorry about the Gary! Thanks for letting me know!

BUT i truly believe it was a blessing in disguise.

This blog began when I was a woman, who just got married, didn't have children, and was starting out in the food word. It was (and still is) full of typos, grammatical errors, and blurry photos. But it was written with a Love and Passion for food.

Since beginning the blog, I have catered countless parties and event, some even 300+ parties, and  weddings.  Most importantly, I had my two most favorite children in the universe: My son (3) and daughter (1). They are my world.

Having them become a part of my life has been the absolute, most amazing moments of joy.

They have taught me how to manage my time, my patience, and how to balance my crazy busy lifestyle. (I also run an easy shop CarryMeBoutique).  My heart is so full of love for them that, I lost a few good months (years) doing my original love (cooking).

But as if it were something one can inherit, my son is already interested in the kitchen. He remembers recipes and pretends to bake every day. And he has reminded me that, I can be a mom, and I can still cook amazing food. Meanwhile my daughter, such a cutie, is a total gourmande:


I lost followers. I lost so many. And rightfully so.

But perhaps I can transform this gem (construction to follow in the next month) into something more helpful for families and friends alike.

Thank you again for sticking to it, and for following me.



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