Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby and Me Smoothie!

Eating healthy is one of the biggest goals in our household.

I say goal, and I could say hope, because I also love to bake and we have the occasional cookie binge. (guilty!) But it is never so bad that a good long run can't help!

However, since having our son it has been an ever increasing goal to continue to add healthy alternatives to our daily routines.

For example, my husband has replaced his PB&J, cookie, and chips with a chicken and spinach salad and side of fruit for his lunches. Simple to make ahead of time and yes, he still gets a small side of pretzels or tortilla chips to go along with it. He may even sneak a cookie in there from time to time, and thats ok:)

For our son, I have been focused on making all of his baby foods and meals with organic and nutritious choices. He has been eating finger foods since 7 months, and we are never shy to introduce foods that may be untraditional for babies (such as Chia Seeds and Carrot Juice).

For me, I have always been the strict eater, but to help with my healthy choice I started running. In just over 7 months of running with and without the stroller, I have been able to cut 2 minutes form my miles and complete a half marathon. If you are thinking of training - train with the stroller!

Ok ok, you came here for food and here I am talking. But it is an important point that, no matter what you do to make healthy choices, they are fun and simple to make. And the possibilities of how much better you will feel are endless!

So, since our son has been quite the eater and hasn't been too shy to try new foods, we decided that it would be fun to see if he would enjoy one of our breakfast smoothies. And while we do not drink smoothies every morning, some days you just need that nutritious boost to wake up and tackle life.

Today was one of those days.

This recipe is not the sweetest of smoothies, but I have listed ways to make the taste sweeter if you or your child have a sweet tooth. And of course, you may have even better ideas to boost the sweetness of your smoothie - just remember to limit the sugar otherwise you make be creating a milkshake instead! And before you make it too sweet, let your little one try it out - you may be surprised!

Baby and Me Smoothie #1
What You Need:
1 cup Spinach
4 Strawberries (or 1 bananna or 1/2 cup frozen mangoes)
3/4 cup Plain Greek Yogurt **
1/2 cup Juice (Orange, Pear, Banana, Morning Blend, and Pineapple all work well)
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
1 cup Frozen Peaches

A short and simple list (that you can make up and change)!

To make the smoothie, just add these ingredients to the blender and let 'er rip!

To help with consistency, and if you prefer a thicker smoothie, go ahead and pour yourself a glass, then add some whole milk to the blender, blend a few more seconds, and share this part with your baby. If you do not like thick smoothies, then just add the milk to the blender in the beginning. 1/4 cup for this whole smoothie should be plenty, and just a tbsp or two will help make the little left smoother for your baby should you pour some out first.

The ** next to the yogurt is one of the places you can alter the sweetness of this smoothie. I like the tangy plain greek yogurt taste, but you or your baby may not. Using a sweetened yogurt such as Vanilla or even a fruity kind will be enough sweetness to take this smoothie up a few notches. You will not need to add any more sugar to this, as sweetened yogurts are packed with it! Instead of using a sweetened yogurt, you could add more juice or even some agave or honey (if baby is at least 12 months).

You may be wondering if my son enjoyed his smoothie. Well, the verdict is in...

Just know he wouldn't let me take the cup (even after it was empty!). And don't worry, this did not replace his breakfast. He still was able to dominate a plate of food :)

Thanks for stopping by today! 

Aimee and Family

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