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Watermelon Salsa Salad

Often I crave fresh, healthy finds that leave me feeling refreshed. Fruits, veggies, juices... I love eating healthy and creating fresh fun ways to enjoy my favorites. Well, it would be no lie if I said watermelon is one of my weaknesses.

In fact, growing up I can remember sitting on the back porch with my father, eating huge pieces of it and seeing how far we could spit the seeds. I am pretty sure we sat outside because anytime you give watermelon to a child there will be a mess... but I secretly believed it was because of all the seeds we could spit and plant!

My favorite thing was to spit them into my mother's flower garden, then see if I could get a plant to grow. In fact I was pretty obsessed with the idea of a seed growing into a plant altogether, and would often go on a search through the yard, hedges, bushes, flowers... all to see if something would grow! Sure enough, the ones in the flowerbed almost always found a place to sprout (it could also be due in part to how I would sneak some water to the seed from day to day.... our secret!). My Mother, well She would complain and go "weed" them out because "The flower bed isn't the place to plant watermelons!". I never understood that logic but accepted it and still tried to plant them when she wasn't watching.

My father also taught me two important ways to enjoy a watermelon. The first was to to cut the bottom off to make a bowl. The second was to sprinkle some salt over the fruit to really bring out the sweet flavor.  Sure salting watermelon isn't the healthiest of choices, but from time to time it brings back those memories of sitting in the warm sun, looking out to the swing set in the back yard, hearing the crickets and bees, and spitting - no planting - seeds throughout the yard. And to tell the truth - to this day I still use the bottom round as a bowl of watermelon all for myself. I also can't wait for the day I see my son and my father sitting outback, eating watermelon and spitting seeds. What a beautiful day that will be indeed....

So recently I have been focusing on making simple, fresh recipes that highlight my favorites. And without even planning to do so, I whipped up a watermelon salsa salad to share with family and friends. It....was.... amazing!  So good in fact I had to share it immediately!

This recipe is super simple to create and like many recipes, it only gets better as you let it sit. My favorite is day 2 - the juices at this point will really get into all the fruit and the flavor will rock your world! So, without further ado - here is the recipe. I sure hope you enjoy.... I used a seedless watermelon this time (no temptation to plant a garden in the flowers!)

Watermelon Salsa Salad
What You Need:
1/2 Seedless Watermelon (roughly 5 cups diced)
1/2 bunch Cilantro
1 White or Red Onion
1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
1 tbsp "O" Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar*
1/2 tsp "O" Olive Oil - Meyer Lemon
1/4 tsp Garlic salt

Alteration: Include 1 clove garlic, 1 Jalapeno, and 1 cup sliced cherry tomatoes for a fun twist on the salad. This is also amazing with Feta added if you dare!

*If you don't have this I highly encourage ordering some! The "O" Olive Oils and vinegars are super fresh, last forever, and will enhance so many recipes. Only because I love them am I writing this, there is no incentive behind it! is where you can find all their products.


To get started, dice the watermelon and place into a large bowl or zippy bag. If you want a hearty salad dice the pieces larger than you would to make a salsa. Next add the cilantro and onion. Stir or toss to mix mix. Finally add the vinegars, oil, and salt.

See - I told you it was simple! Now it's time to let the salad/ salsa chill. Again, It's best at least 1 day after. This will allow the vinegars to really break down the watermelon and the cilantro to flavor the entire bowl.

This salad (or salsa) is so amazing and refreshing. I will not lie I can eat bowls of it in place of dessert... in fact I have to pause right now, and have some more....

Thank you for stopping by and making a fun, healthy snack with me and my family!

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