Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Back, I'm a Mom, and I can' wait to share with you!

Hello friends, followers, and foodies alike! I wanted to say SORRY!!!! I have been so MIA recently... well for a few months. But I am back, I am a Mom, and I am so thrilled to share my growing families food adventures with you, all the while making up new and creative dishes!

Picture: Weeks 5-6 with Baby ;)    He is now 7 1/2 weeks old!
Motherhood and Pregnancy have heightened my personal health awareness, so I look forward to posting my adventures loosing the baby weight, while maintaining a strict vegetarian (almost vegan) diet! I want to explore more raw food options, create new and fun high protein foods, and to top that all off SHARE with you!!

Now I know many people out there are not full on veg heads, and to be honest (gosh I have to be honest) my husband is actually a full out meat lover. So while I'll have so many fun posts of my adventures in baby land (no worries friends I will blog separately my actual mother adventures), we will have more than just animal free recipes on here... in fact some recipes may completely contradict my lifestyle (see past post Bacon Wrapped Hickory Smoked Meatloaf as one example!)

But that's what life is all about! Food adventures and compromises (ok maybe I have life confused with marriage?), and I can't wait to reach out and share with you!

In addition, I am so happy to have fellow foodies and writers out there that want to share their recipes with you onBargain Bites. Bring on the love! The more guests posts the merrier! There is nothing wrong with a diverse recipe profile on a blog.. nothing I can think of at least! And if you can, well I'm sorry you don't like the idea of having a digital cookbook at your fingertips FOR FREE, but I don't judge ;)

So in honor of motherhood, love, family, and food, I wanted to say HELLO EVERYONE and come back to the blogging world.

With that, I look forward to the many posts to come - and every comment and post you have to share!!!



  1. welcome back to blog-land! And congratulations on baby, he is precious!

  2. Thanks ladies! It's such a beautiful experience! Totally worth the extra pounds and sleep deprivation!!


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