Sunday, December 23, 2012

Product Review: Hoo-Rag!

I recently recieved an email about a new product that works great in the kitchen:  Hoo-Rags!

It's a new way to hold back your hair that comes in various designs (yes you can order custom too!), in addition to the numerous ways you can rock it!

Make it a head band, a neck scarf, a beanie, or more! So many fun ways to wear the thing left me wanting to test it ASAP! Lucky for me (though 8 months preggo and growing) I had a wedding to cater in the upcoming weekend, so I had a great chance to see just how kitchen friendly this Hoo-Rag was...

The design I was able to sample is "Sunflower Power" which is a design showing off my love for flowers and for not having my crazy curly frizzy preggo hair in everyones food! LOVED IT!

Well I have to tell you, this product won me over! Sure, I cook alot, and this works great for all of us who feed the masses (or just ourselves) and hate eating hair... but think of the other functionalities! I live near Moab Utah, and Red Rock hiking is a PLUS! This Hoo-Rag will find itself with me on some of the many Utah trails, as it's versatile nature acts as a great way to block out the desert sun! Hello red rock hiking!

Here is a link to the website -- Check it out! There is a video that shows you the many ways to rock the rag, in addition to designs that weill rock your style!

Thank you so much for the chance to review the product! I hope all my followers and friends have the chance to try a Hoo-Rag for themselves!

HooRag - The Better Bandana!
Phone: 888-831-9344

(I was also thinking a custom design would be TOTALLY AWESOME
for awareness walks, birthday parties, etc...)

Thansk for Reading!

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