Friday, June 8, 2012

"O" Olive Oil Product Review!

Organic citrus olive oils -- literally olive and fruit crushed together and pressed into a stunning product that no kitchen should be without. This process leaves the oils sweeter, the product richer, and the flavors full bodied. You absolutely have to go out and try some because when you have good ingredients, you can create memories in the kitchen - and this product is one memory I am happy to have made! Also, check out O Olive Oil on Facebook! They have a lot going on there, I'd hate for you to miss out! SO many wonderful recipes and posts!

"O" Olive Oil impressed me. Let's face it: I have a food and cooking addiction. I love to create flavors and combinations that leave everyone asking for more and wondering how. And with this product -- you can knock out the hard part of pairing oil and vinegar, you can achieve kitchen success without stress, and this product literally helps you create something extravagant and amazing!

We all hear about how amazing Olive Oils are for you. Health benefits, taste benefits, and with this product you even get restaurant quality flavor benefits. It's a win win situation.

I was fortunate enough to be a selected blogger to post a review for "O" Olive Oil via a contest presented by A contest that, at first, I was unsure of my chances in -- anytime there is a contest in the food blog world, it seems hundreds if not thousands of talented individuals jump on the opportunity and sit with fingers crossed while we all patiently await the announcements... (well fingers crossed but not while typing of course!).

And when it arrived at my house.... let's just say I got excited!

For this contest, "O" Olive Oil featured pairings of pressed "O" Olive Oil and a gourmet barrel aged vinegar -- a Set that will run you about $30. Well, when ordered this set comes in a beautiful box, and will last you long enough to embrace the flavors night after night after night. For me, I was given the opportunity to taste the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and Pinot Noir Vinegar set. Click for more info!! I dare you!

With good Olive Oils, the goal is to keep it away from heat. In other words, a good oil will compliment your food, and should not be heated to cook your food. For example, dip in bread to taste the flavors, top pastas to enhance your meal, or even to toss vegetables and your favorite cheeses in to harmonize your experience. Even dessert can highlight the flavors of a good oil and a well aged vinegar. I also made a vinaigrette with the vinegar, some garlic, sea salt, and basil... and it. was. amazing! Like... lick your plate when no one is looking amazing!

For my taste test I did initially slice up a fresh baguette and dipped away....

The Meyer Lemon Olive Oil highlights the bite of a fresh meyer lemon (which is more complex in flavor than a plain lemon) with the creamy and delicate taste of a good pressed olive oil. When paired with the Pinot Noir Vinegar, this oil vinegar combination goes to the next level. 
It compliments your taste buds, coats your senses, and makes a normally difficult task in the kitchen, simple.

On a scale of 1 to delicious and well worth the cost, I am rating this delicious and well worth the cost!

Thanks for reading, and cheers to amazing food and awesome products

DID YOU KNOW? O OLIVE OIL is the premier producer of California specialty olive oils and wine vinegars. O was the first in this country to crush organic citrus with olives to produce their signature line of oils.



  1. Great review and those photos dipping the bread are making me hungry. I would love to try the oil and the vinegar sounds wonderful.

  2. Suzi!

    Thanks! I am not kidding, the company presses the citrus with the olives and makes for one crazy delicious oil. I am hungry too now and it's 7am! haha -- But it's never to early for a bite of yum ;) There are plenty more recipes for O Olive Oil and great posts on their Facebook page. Check it out, and if you want, you can mention BB sent you ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. I will be willing to try anything that can give me a face like you had when you opened the box. I trust you, so if it does that for you, there is a good chance it will do that for me too.

    1. Lol lol !!! Thank you for stopping by! I really was that excited and this oil IS that good! That was my "O" face for "O" Olive Oil company! Thank you California!!

  4. Before reading your review I wasn't hungry... Now I'm starving and my mouth is watering. While reading it I could totally picture myself sitting at a little cafe in the streets of Italy dipping my freshly baked baguette slices into the savory oil and vinegar combination. I also love that I can indulge in the goodness with out felling guilty for eating unhealthy. It looks and sounds delectable! I want a taste!

    1. Oh Kaimi! You are too much! I wish I could whip up a sampling of this and come over! I bet Hawaii have "O" Olibe Oils if nod, it will soon, Californis is it's neighbor!

      I am so happy you were able to stop by BB and found this as tasty as I. I hope all is well with the family! Miss you!

  5. I just ate lunch and now I am hungry again! I love dippy things for bread! :)

    1. Hahaha thank you so much! I grew this brand can make you hungry and aside from what I was able to review there are so many other amazing flavors I can't wait to taste! Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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