Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Citrus Salad (GF, Vegan)

Today I realized I have been in my winter funk:  Frumpy, frizzy hair, need to paint my nails...  And then I realized it was time to get out of it! And so what better than a spur of the moment 5K through your neighborhood?

Ok so it wasn't an actual race, but I did decide to run about 3 miles (after a 4 month sabbatical from running) and although I most likely looked like an injured moose searching for her children, I made it.

Which brought me home.  Pink legs, frizzier hair, but energy.   Gosh I love after work out energy (not that I need any more energy -- oh if you met me you'd understand!).  So with energy comes my creative juices, and with that, a new recipe creation!

I cannot explain how proud I am of this: I came home, was low on produce (being a veg head thats a frightening discovery), and was craving a light, fit meal.  Then it hit me... I'll create a spring salad and see how it goes!

And so I sliced up grapefruits and sweet tangerines (the last 2 of each I had), a cucumber, some green onions, and cilantro.  Tossed those together with some lime juice, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of garlic powder... and I was already ready to go...  But it needed more.

And so I cooked some quinoa, and when it was done cooking I rinsed it to cool it down then tossed 2 tbsp lite coconut milk, cilantro, and a pinch of salt and garlic and viola!  Time to build my salad.

Now, I decided to peel my cucumber (rare for me) but why waste those precious green morsels?  Waste not I said, and chopped them into thin julienned slices...

My quinoa needed some acidity, and I remembered buying a black currant cabernet reduction from Whole Foods (it was on clearance -- score!).  1 tbsp of that did the trick, and then I plated my gorgeous after run treat.

Quinoa, topped with the citrus salad, then fanned cucumber from the salad along the side and taa-daaa!!!  Oh my greatness this was so tasty!

I spoiled myself and sprinkled some himalayan pink sea salt atop just to do it, and it made the moment worth the labor.

Imagine some grilled shrimp atop this -- Oh gosh no don't I might have to run to the store!  So good....

Thanks for stopping by.  I apologize for the few days I've been missing.  I work as a trainer at a bank, and I have a class about to start.  That said, I have been working long days prepping the content to assure a smooth transition!

I send happy spring wishes your way!


  1. Wow! Can I stop by for lunch? :) Seriously, how brilliant is this salad idea! Yum! Have a great week, Aimee!

  2. It kooks so delicious and festive!

    1. Thanks! It was stunning I will say sometimes I spend 30 minutes plating then 5 minutes eating it! Lol. Thank you for visiting :)

  3. Come on over!!!! Thank you so much!!!!


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