Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Best Weekend EVER!

This weekend had to be one of the most relaxing weekends I could ever come across!  The only thing I was missing was a massage... but we can't always get EVERYTHING!
It really was great though:  Just a much needed relaxation and opportunity to have fondue for dinner two nights in a row!!!!
I took friday off from work and spent the day cleaning my house.  And fellow bloggers and friends, trust me when I said, my husband and I cleaned!!!  IT... WAS... AWESOME!

On Friday I hosted a fabulous Sangria Wine and Cheese party, fully stocked with crackers, breads, 4 gallons of Sangria (yes, 4 gallons!), and of course a wonderfull successful recipe I made up that day for Fontina and Swiss Fondue!  YUM!

Don't worry, I have 3 fondue recipes to post soon.... so be on the look out!!  They are absolutely TO DIE FOR!!! And the things we dipped into them.... Ohh I might only make fondue from now one!

Ok, back to this awesome weekend.  So, Friday night my house was the place to go for a small group of girls (most of whom don't know each other).  What we did was, since I'm not from Utah, I have struggled with meeting people.

Let's be honest, I am an East Coast girl with a completely different background from the majority of Utahians.  But, have no fear, I stumbled upon a group on Facebook that gets girls who like to mingle, meet new faces, and of course drink lots of yummy cocktails and eat many tasty treats!!!

So, after LOVING my first girls night, and being a caterer myself, I simply had to host one!

Which brings us to Friday.  And the fondue was licked clean, the bread... but crumbs.. and we did some damage control on the sangria.  In all, a successful night.

That alone started the week jsut right, and a close friend of mine, Erica, hosted a different kind of girls night at her house -- equipped with bottles upon bottles of wine and champagne, fondue galore (including chocoalte -- Mmmm hmmmm), and a HOT TUB slumber party -- WIN WIN WIN!!!

It was only fitting that we all took Sunday to go to brunch, and--after 40 some odd hours of girl time, relaxing, and what else do you need when you have wine, cheese, and chocoalte!?-- I returned home to fiund my husband all alone with the cats.

Of course I missed him, we're in love for goodness sake!  But it was just a wonderful time to spend with good friends and amazing food.

I not only met some wonderful people, but also found a new favorite place to eat!

Stay tuned for those Fondue Recipes!!!!!



  1. I remember seeing this sangria picture on your Instagram! I'm moving to Austin this week & will need to make friends. So great of you to reach out & find the FB group! It's a bit nerve wracking to make new friends in your 30's. :/

    1. Oh! I wish I were closer to Austin -- A nice area ps. I'm sure you'll find some people to network through. It is hard though, i'm close to my 30's and searching for friends is... odd lol. I don't know how else to explain it, it's just hard! Good luck out there!!!!


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