Monday, February 6, 2012

$25 Giveaway to Bed Bath and Beyond!

Giveaway is CLOSED
The Winner is:
Anna of Crunchy Creamy Sweet!

The winner was chosen by me placing all your names in hat, and we drew out Anna!  Congrats Anna!  I hoep you the best of fun at Bed Bath and Beyond, and we all can't wait to hear what you use the gift card on!
Have you been looking around for those kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier?  Are you hoping for your next paycheck to grab that new kitchen toy to test?  Do you love recipes but sometimes need an extra kitchen tool to do the trick?

My mother and I testing a pizzelle griddle!

Bargain Bites wants to thank all of it's readers by offering a $25 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card to one of it's lucky followers!  You guys rock, and without you, I'd cook alone :(

Your support and stories help motivate my posts and creativity -- Thanks for being You and believing in my dream of cooking!!!!!  And so I say it again:

$25 to Bed Bath and Beyond just for you!

That means you can sneak out, get yourself a present, and your personal budget can go untouched!  You deserve something nice -- be it a set of mugs, a new appliance, fancy dishes, or even a foot massager (they got those too).. Because you ROCK!

To become eligible for the giveaway you only need to do 3 simple things that will only tame seconds -- in other words it's the easiest $25 you can make!

  1. Follow my blog Bargain Bites. On the left side bar there is the Google Friend Connect.  Click to follow, it's simple (you may need to log in via twitter, yahoo, or google.
  2. (Follow @BargainBites00 on Twitter and tweet about your favorite recipe from the site, linking the recipe to your tweet.  If you don't have twitter, post your favorite recipe on Facebook!
  3. Comment on this post after you have down steps 1 and 2 and share what you tweeted/ facebooked, and also tell me what you want to use your $25 gift card on!
  4. Share Bargain Bites ( with your friends!  
Money might not grown on trees, but it's loaded on your gift card!
I am on Face Book:  Bargain Bites and would love your support!  There's nothing like the Word of Mouth, and I appreciate all your support and positivity! 

The gift card winner will be announced on February 17th, 2012.  Meaning you can enjoy your Valentine's Day (and night), and if you are a bargain shopper, I bet that $25 can be stretched on some Valentine's Sales!  Gotta love those Bargain Deals!

I can't wait to hear about what you will buy at BB&B, and also what recipe of mine you love most!

Thanks for visiting and supporting Bargain Bites -- and let me know if you have any recipe requests via email or twitter:   @BargainBites00

I wish you all the best of Luck!
Bonne Chance!

Aimee Gonzalez

The winner will be drawn from a list of Bargain Bites Followers who have followed the steps required.  When announced Bargain Bites will mail you the gift card with a note of thanks and congrats!  Be sure to link Bargain Bites in a blog post after using your gift card, to share what you have purchased!  We will all be so curious to know!


  1. I love new kitchen gadgets - with this much dough I can get quite a few! Yay!

  2. lol you are so adorable! Since you already follow, just post your favorite Bargain Bites recipes, and your the FIRST name in the hat!! Good Luck!!!!

  3. I already follow you & tweeted. I need to be a new iron. Not exciting but needed!

  4. Thanks Julie! Hey according to my husband, a new iron is like totally exciting! (he does the laundry since I cook so much). In fact, he got a new once a few months ago that has like power steam action and was steaming everything in the house to show me lol! You're both in the hat to win so far! ;)

  5. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have sent an award your way!
    Happy Cookinig

  6. I follow you on GFC(kellyr78) and I tweeted the mushroom soup recipe!/kellydsaver/status/166715316792078336

    I would put this gift card towards a new toaster. Thanks!


  7. Thanks Chandra!!!! I will mention this in my next post:).

  8. Thanks Kelky!!!! A new toaster is perfect!!! My husband and recently got the one that is extra wide so we can toast big slices of Italian Bread!!!! (his mom family's last name is Symon like the iron chef! He's her cousin do just like he lives Itsluan well all his stories are my husbands too!) you know, they now have toasters for sports too- it toasts you favorite NFL or NHL mascot onto the bread!!! Lol

    Thanks for participating, I wish you the best of luck!!

  9. I fallow u on Facebook and I posted!! YEMMY!! I would likly get somegthing fun for my gilrs like Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker
    or Chicago Metallic Cupcake Creation Station, I hope they like cooking as much as I do.

  10. I follow on Twitter. So many good gadgets at Bed Bath and Beyond. I don't know what I could get but I know it will be fabulous.

  11. Ohhhh Iskaste you are such a good parent ;) A disney waffle maker sounds like something my husband would love! lol Thanks Emily! You are both in the running too! The drawing is on the 17th, so stay tuned for the announedment ;) Thanks for participating and visiting BB!

  12. Simple Spinach Dip is my favorite! this is simple great tasting and AMAZING!!!

  13. Tonya Albert CreamerFebruary 8, 2012 at 7:46 AM

    'm tweeting bout the bacon popcorn which reminds me of our amazing honeymoon! Daniel really wants a panini maker so that's what I'd get if I won the card. I also reported and shared ur amazingness with all my fb friends!

  14. Aimee this is awesome! Great layout/info and can't beleive your mom let you post her pic! Wooo hooo!

  15. In fact, he got a new once a few months ago that has like power steam action and was steaming everything in the house to show me lol! You're both in the hat to win so far! ;) Get Latest Promo Codes and Coupons Code Only On Bed Bath And Beyond Coupons


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