Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Low-Fat Spinach Dip (With Yogurt!)

Low Fat does not mean Low Flavor.  And this my friends, is AWESOME!
Makes 18 servings
Complexity Level:  Easy
Simple Low-Fat Spinach Dip
What You Need:
4 cups Fat Free Greek Yogurt (more if the recipe is too salty for you)
1/2 cup Low Fat or Fat Free Mayo
1 tsp Garlic Powder
1 packet Onion Soup Mix (I use "beefy onion" and no there is no beef in it!)
1 package of "Knorrs" Vegetable Soup Mix
2/3 cup Chopped Green Onions
2 cans sliced Water Chestnuts (chopped)
16oz. Frozen Spinach, thawed and drained well*
*never ever ever use canned spinach

In a large mixing bowl, whisk both soup mixes with the yogurt and set aside.

Next, chop the water chestnuts and green onions and mix into bowl.  I use about 1 bunch of green onions, and it's normally the best measurement.  In fact I use kitchen scissors, cut them into a colander, rinse them, then toss them into the dip mix.  Works perfect every time!

Finally fold in the thawed and drained spinach -- if you do not use a colander to press the juice out of the spinach, you will have a soupy not so much a dip consistency... so please drain!  It is important to not use canned spinach, because it is mushy and tastes awful!  I assure you this would ruin the dip.
Let this chill for 1 hour up to over night before serving.  If you cannot find the Knorrs Vegetable Soup Mix (I'd ask someone) you can use the Knorrs Spinach Dip mix, but it will be missing some amazing flavor and texture.

18 1/3 cup servings (if using 1/2 cup lite mayo):
82 Calories
2.2 g Fat
1.1 mg Cholesterol
406mg Sodium
70mg Potassium
7g Carbohydrates
6.1 g Protein

Normal spinach dip is almost 6-7 times the above nutrition per serving!  Yikes!!

Serve with veggies, pita, crackers, and bread!  My favorite is Melba Toast, Sea Salt.  YUM!!  Also awesome with big thick slices of cheddar, colby, and swiss...... oh yes triple yum!
Here's to your Health!


  1. Right!!???? I made this for my gym -- we're having a health fair! Thanks for stopping by;)

  2. Looks great, I love using soup mixes as bases for dips! This one looks super tasty. I have greek yogurt and spinach on hand I'll have to try this!

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  4. Awesome! You can always cut the recipe in half too, if you don't need so much (although for me, I can never get enough!!) GOod luck, let me know how it goes!!

  5. What a splendid idea! Greek yogurt is truly a secret weapon for dips and this looks fab. I will be making this for my next get together!

  6. Maggie! The tang of the yogurt with the cool spinach is just a treat! I hope your next gathering finds it well! How can something so healhty be so darn tasty!!!?? Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm!!

  7. Ohhh this looks so amazing, spinach dip is my favorite and I love that you lightened this up! I'll have to make this for super bowl Sunday! :)

  8. Kelly!! It would be a "Super" dip for the football weekend! Let me know how it goes! It was a hit at my gym -- all gobbled up with nothing to spare (sad face me wanted leftovers lol) Lucky for me I have enough ingredients to make it for the game as well! Great idea ;) Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  9. Never thought of using greek yogurt in spinach dip, but I bet it will taste great.

  10. I hope you enjoy! The yogurt gave this dip a whole new level of flavor-- tang and health! Yum ;)

    Please enjoy, and have a fabulous and healthy weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Does anyone know where I could find soup mixes without MSG?

  12. Try your local organic marts like Sunflower Market and/or Whole Foods. Maybe an Amazon serach?

  13. @Jill, actually the more I think about it (it's now been on my mind), I checked at my store and there are options if you ask. But why not make your own!? Would you benefit if I put up some recipes for MSG Free homemade soup dry mixes? Let me know!

  14. @Aimee, I would love some homemade recipes! Never occurred to me to make my own. Please share!

  15. @Jill! I will totally put up some recipes. Its so super simple! You really just buy dried onions and you can also but dried vegetables! Then mix in spices and Viola!! I'll have to run to the store, so look for these recipes up soon! Now what kinds to make.... the wheels are turning!

  16. @Jill:

    Enjoy! I'm going to post a few others too!


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