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Game Day Fans need Game Day Tips!

Simple and Affordable Game Day Tricks:
These can help YOU focus on the GAME!

I love sports, the game day costumes, the superstitions, the play off beards...  I love the tears, the sweat, the pain of watching someone throw the ball in the wrong direction (god it's like you don;t have an HD aerial view or something), the yelling, the screaming, the spread of FOOD!

That said, I also love to host game day parties, but find myself thinking of ways to let ME watch the game and not the FOOD!  So I compiled a few tricks and tips for this years big day.... and who knows, maybe we'll see some Giant success from all of you! ;)

Ok, let's do this:

Simple Trick #1:  Get Personal.
Everyone loves dips.  Spinach dips, bean dips, hot bubbly cheesy buffalo chicken dip... And with Dip, comes a mess and the feared Double Dipper!!!!!!  (please read that with caution!)

To simplify your day of hosting so you can focus on the TV and your friends, why not make your dips single serving?  For example, I am in LOVE with spinach dip.  It's true.  And I LOVE spinach dip in bread bowls.

So, why not buy the mini crusty dinner rolls and make personal sized bread bowls filled with dip?

Everyone can take their own, and enjoy both the game, and their Double (gasp) maybe Triple (yikes) Dip!

If you want to ex the brea idea, another way to spruce up the dip party could be to spoon up some individual servings.  While this may seem like more work, it definitely adds a bit of fancy to your snacks, these look ready to be butler passed!  (served on melba toast):

Bean dip is a personal favorite.  Man I love the beens, the cheese, the sour cream and salsa!  But for me, I am always annoyed at the friends that eat al the stuff off the bean layer, leaving a naked and lonely layer of just bean.

Do they not know the dip was layered in perfect harmony?  Each layer must work together in proportionate ways to give the best in eating experience!?  Why won't they stop!?
Hey!  I want my top back!
To avoid all the drama, buy a set of mini plastic cups and build personal sized dips!  Another way to save on mess (opps, I missed my mouth!) and to prevent the devastation of the picky eaters (hey are you gonna take some bean with that!?).

For the Cowboy Caviar, I like to serve this in hollowed out avocado shells or tomato cups.  No waste, personal sized, and amazing!!:

That shell was going to be thrown out anyways!
To sum up, there are so many options to make life simple.  So dip into these personal sized treats and focus on the game!

Simple Trick #2:  Use the crock pot.
I know you own one.  It's somewhere... maybe in the basement under a sheet?  Tucked into the appliance closet behind the waffle iron?  Still in the box and is being use as a shelf?  Hopefully by now you've remembered where you put it, because these two recipes will melt you to pieces!

Why the slow cooker?  Why not!  You don't have to worry about the food while it cooks.  You don't have to stress over whether or not the food is still warm when the unexpected overtime sneaks up on you.  

And top all that off, you're food will be so amazing, no matter the outcome of the game, at least everyone will agree on that!  

Here are three game day BBQ recipes that will leave everyone you know, in a happy place:

If you click above you will be taken to the recipes.  These recipes not only have minimal clean up, but all you need to do is place them in the slow cooker, turn it on, stir it a few times, then eat.  You can work, nap, clean, go for a walk -- and most importantly it will keep everything warm so you don't miss the overtime drama or the opps that's a little right kick!

Warning:  Your Keyboard doesn't fair well to heavy falling drool.

So far we've talked about personal sized dips and slow cooking goodness.  Now that we have gotten through the first few courses, the last one up is everyones favorite:  Dessert!

Simple Trick #3:  K.I.S.S.
Keep it simple stupid!  No you're not stupid, it's a saying, get over it!  But what I mean is, you have done so much already, there is no need for brulee this and creme de that.  Desserts that can sit out, need no serving utensils, and can be eaten without a fork are the best for such a party.

If you want sweets, then be sure to choose the kind that need no attention or directions -- unless you did in fact want to be on your feet all night while the group watches the game in the distance.  So think about it:  Cookies, Candies, Mini Personal Sized Pies, all make for an easier life for you unless you really want to be whipping cream and beating eggs.

Buckeyes -- Little Bite Sized Pieces of Heaven!
Now, I love to decorate things, and sure, you could use the dip idea, make mini mousses and place them in the fridge and bake a gorgeous cake to be decorated in the best of the best in fan attire.... but for me, i've found that even if the cook likes the work, many game dayers prefer simplicity.  Which brings us back to the trick itself:  KISS!

Personal Sized Apple Pies -- It's the American thing to do!
Here are some of my game day favorites that honestly, once cooked, can sit out for days without needing my attention:

 At any rate, the easiest way for you to survive this last portion would be to ask your guests to bring the sweets.  But, game day or not, those recipes are delicious!

Thanks for reading!  Good luck with your game day events and Go Steelers!  (ok so I know it was a rough year, but... I'm from Pittsburgh!  So.... Ok.... Go Giants!!!)

Best and Happy simple days ahead!


  1. These are great ideas! I love spinach dip too..can't get enough of it!

  2. @Chelsea: Thanks so much!!!! The cups of bean dip and mini bread bowls are my fans! I love eating the bread bowl when there's spinach dip, and hate having to fight for it!'. I hope you have a Super gameday weekend! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!!!


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