Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Great Big Brie Parade!

Welcome to the Fabulous Great Big Brie Parade!
Brie is a fabulous cheese for the winter season.  It is easy to serve, amazing in flavor, and versatile in decoration.  To honor cheese heads and brie fanatics alike, who embrace and value the art of brie and beauty, today's post is a festive art display of brie and all the good it brings!

There is a Sundried Tomato Pesto Brie, A Blueberry Jalepeno Jam Brie, A Candied Walnut Baked Brie, A Honey Drizzled Gingerbread and Pecan Brie, and so much more!

So, grab your loved ones, your firends, and your pets, because this parade is one you made need to tailgate a seat for!  Gentlemen, start your engines, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

To start, let's just get it out in the open:  None of these recipes took time away from the day.  In fact, one of the easiest left a plate licked clean while I was making others!  Gotta love a happy guest!

The first Brie on our parade is a Pesto and Sundried Tomato Brie.  To make this, slice a brie wheel in half, smear some pesto over it, layer on some sliced sun dried tomatoes, drizzle more pesto, and top with pine nuts.

My Friends saved the last bite for me (need I say who ate the rest while I was in the kitchen?)!
Yes.  That is the recipe and friends, this was so delicious I wish I could serve some up right now, through this keyboard as a demonstration.  Since trying that broke my last lap top (no joke here, I was excited), I'll be sure to post many pictures and hope you try these simple entertaining treats.

With cheese comes crackers, and with those Cracker Monsters!
Next up, a Cinnamon Maple Syrup and Candied Walnut Brie done two ways... Yes thats right, TWO WAYS.  Same start, slice a wheel of brie in half.  I like to halve them, you don't "halve" to, but I like variety and this stretched that bargain budget!

Anyways, slice in half and press into the soft brie roughly chopped candied walnuts.  Pile them high for all to see, and coat them in a heavy drizzle of cinnamon maple syrup.  Don't like cinnamon, not  problem, use plain!  This as is, works great as brie #1.

Brie #2, sandwich that other half on top, and wrap in puff pastry.  Oh yes she did!  Puff Pastry for the win!  Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  If you need too, broil the top for a moment just to get that golden brown hue.  If you are using cinnamon syrup, or like cinnamon, before baking lightly sprinkle the pastry with some.

This brie lasted 10 minutes, and was served after the sundried tomato one disappeared!  But, like the first, it sure left guests talking, eating, and happy for more ;)  Even the kids were happy with this one, an all over win win!

More Bries joined in on the fun.  I am obsessed with pepper jams, and the next featured a new find I made while hunting for adventure at the grocery store:

YUM!  So I spooned this atop a fresh wheel of brie and snow dusted the plate with powdered sugar.  This with a good cracker in had, surely featured the art of brie!

Then I realized I was missing an important winter ingredient.  Pecans.  People go "Nuts!" for pecans, and how haven't I used any yet?  So I thought to myself, and sometimes that takes a second....

Aimee, why not use pecans, honey, and chopped gingerbread cookies!?  And so a new brie was born late in the parade.

But have no fear of the integrity this brought, because this brie got us all ready for dessert.  And it too was soon a memory of our past.  But it wasn't long before the dessert brie hit.

Look at those two "Cheese-ing!"
And to finish the parade out he came, in two different ways.  Again with the duos, it's a day for more!

A brie featuring the best in life:  Pretzels, Peanuts, and melted Chocolates both White and Milk.... Oh the amazing glow shining off the brie!

And so came an end to a wonderful parade.  All types of bries took showcase in my house, and left us all full, happy, and rich in conversation.

Something about that pesto brie left me in a complete state of sheer joy.... and so tomorrow I will have to make it again!


Happy Holidays and Wintery Seasons!



  1. These look amazing! Nothing beats a nice piece of cheese.

    Please march that parade right into my mouth, kthx. ;)

  2. lol! Thanks! They certainly did march right on in, and I hope they find it to your door!!!!!!

  3. this was too delicious!! round two soon? ;)

  4. Wow! I LOVE brie - with savory or sweet toppings! I agree -it is an amazing cheese for the season and adapts itself well with just about any flavor! Delish!

  5. Thanks Ann!

    I have to admit, last night I made the pesto one again.... and ate like the entire plate to myself. GOSH why is Brie so fabulous!!!???

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays!!!


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