Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tom the Fruit and Cheese Turkey!

I have been singing all night in love with this new post!  I love this fruit turkey!  I wasn't even planning on eating fruit for dinner, but how can I resist this adorable, healthy, fun turkey!  I don't even have kids and this makes me excited!

For the holidays, what an adorable idea to use for young ones, old ones, parties, entertaining... or if you are anything like me, you sometimes just need to find that simple, humourous joy in the kitchen!!

It is impossible not to "Gobble" up this adorable bird!  I hope Tom finds his way to your table, or follows you to work -- either way he will help make those sweet cravings run and your heart "Thankful" you chose to enjoy this beautiful spread!

This is such a simple recipe, no cooking involved!  I just used my favorite fruits, but please get creative, and share your pictures if you make him!  I can't stop loving how adorable he is, I swear my husband thinks I'm nuts!  And the best part, this recipe makes not just 1, but 2 Turkeys!!!

P.S.  Did you know that red dangly thing is called a wattle?  I had to google it so I could post this, as I didn't want to say "red danlgy thingy!"  I totally learned something new today.

Tom the Fruit and Cheese Turkey
What You Need:
1 Red Grapefruit
1 Gala Apple
1 Navel Orange
2 oz. Cheddar Cheese
1 Red Barlette Pear
2 Peanuts (Beak)
2 Dried Cranberries or 1 Chocolate Candy (leftover from Halloween in this house!) -- the wattle
4 mini Chocolate Chips or 4 Black flat Sprinkles (eyes)

Slice the pear in half.  This will be the turkey's body.  Peel and pull apart your orange and grapefruit.  If you want, you can cut off the white part.  Finally, slice your Apple and cheddar into thin slices.

To build, layer the orange, grapefruit, apple, and cheddar.  Cut 2 feet out of the cheddar and place near the bottom of your "feathers".  Place the pear atop the fruit and build the face.  I used a tiny bit of peanut butter to stick the beak, wattle, and eyes.

Taaa-daa!  You're done, thankfully, because this is adorable!

I so hope you find Tom as fabulous as I!  I have to put another picture!



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