Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running towards a Dream.

Today started just like a normal day.  Woke up, A hot cup of Coffee, Pick out an outfit for Work, Check my blog, Check out foodbuzz, look for email, play with my phone...  The normal start to what are always random, unordinary, and unpredictable days.

I say unordinary and unpredictable because if you could sum up my personality, after "crazy energetic" and "out-going" I am sure everyone I know would say "unordinary" and definitely "unpredicable".  All adjectives I absolutely embrace.. I know I'm one crazy kid. 

I was at the store, trying to cheer someone up... Duh! haha
But for today.... Today started just as most mornings:  Breaking out in song, thinking up hundreds of new recipe ideas, playing fetch with my cats... but then suddenly I had a flash back of the past few months, which left me standing still in my living room (cats still trying to get my attention).

When I say thinking up recipes, it's true.

Most (about 99.9%) of the recipes on my blog, I make up on the fly, and test in my kitchen.  

Baking, Sugar Substitute, Cocktails, everything -- and to top that, I don't even eat meat.  I think the baking portion works because in college, though I have a French degree, I started with a Chemistry Major.  That said, I LOVE figuring out the elemetns of baking and mapping them out into hearty, delcious recipes.

Any ways (I ramble), I came to realize I have been feeling rather under the weather for a few months, and this flash back that hit me left me to focus not on feeling down, but rather focus on what I can do to feel amazing.

And so I went for a run.  It's been a while since my 5Ks and Gym trips, so this run... it was a seriosly brutal one.  I only got a few miles in, but the whole time I was thinking about the past few months...

Thinking about what I have done in so little time kept me running.  I joined a cooking website known as Foodbuzz.com (great idea!) -- on which I hosted a 24 X 24, was in the top 9, and found my Buckeyes in the Baking Buzz (awesome!!); I bought two domains: http://www.bargainbites00.com/ and http://www.gonzoskitchen.com/ ; died my hair from bright blonde to dark chocolate (I am still unsure about that choice), and I have found even more passion and love at home, work, and in the kitchen.

Yet, the hardest challenge for me is finding patience for myself.  This flash back brought me so many wonderful things, but left me thinking about what I still want to do, and haven't achieved.

I really want to open a restaurant, publish a cook book, host some cooking videos-- I just want to make my passion and dreams part of reality, and do so today!

But the patience I lack for my dreams is overcome by my love and patience for my husband.  I am held back until I know where I will be in the next few years... My husband is in school.  His dream is to receive his PhD, and in seeking it has taken us both to several states.  Our most recent voyage brought us to Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am totally supportive.  Hands Down.  I love my husband.  But some days more than others, I wonder if I will ever get the chance to run down my dreams too.  And that, is where I struggle with patience for myself.

Water break (aka thinking break).   I really should never have stopped running everyday, this was brutal.  But after all the holiday feasts, the Winter Dinner Party, and the cookie seaon coming up, I needed to try to get back into a healthier me.  That, and my Dr. needed to see me focusing more on me, and maybe not less on others, but at least more on me.

And so I think.  What can I do to become more successful in the world of food?   I have so much energy and bottled up passion that at times I go on 24 hour cooking binges.  Sautee, Puree, Chop, Mince, Slice, Broil, Bake, Steam.... 

It's quite a sight to see, and the dishes that pile up are fitting for an olympic event that true cooks and chefs can combat: The Dish-scapades!

At any rate, I just wish that time and luck we re on my side.  But until then, I will continue to be in love, cook, and perhaps get my culinary degree.

Well, after a wonderful run it's time for a healthy meal:  Winter Stuffed Acorn Squash.  Yum!!

Thanks for reading, and taking the time to listen ;)

Happy Seasons Eatings!


  1. Aimee! Thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of the world! You have an amazing talent! I look forward to eating at your restaurant one day ! For now keep it up and continue to work on your dream one blog at a time!

    Sincerely your religious blog follower,

    Claudia & hubby

  2. I told you I'd have my own cot in the back room of your restaurant! I'd be your best customer! Keep it up Aimee! :-D

  3. Thanks guys ;) One day soon, hopefully I'll have one up and running. The mystery is where in the world will it be!!??

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  4. Aimee, you and I sound like we are in the very same boat right now. My husband is pursuing his masters degree and I am our sole income for the next year and half until he finishes. I have supported him through so many things and I ready for my turn! I want to got to culinary arts school too, and the waiting is so frustrating. Its so hard to be patient when I have finally figured out my passion and just want to be cooking and baking all the time. Also, I just got back into running after a long hiatus and it SUCKS. Why oh why did I ever stop?
    Anyway, hang in there girlfriend, I am where you are totally get it. We'll get our shot and we'll be proud of our husbands for pursuing their dreams too!

  5. PS Whoa, lots of typos in my last comment, sorry! I guess I got all wrapped up in the moment and forgot to proof-read. I think you can get gist of what I was trying to say though. :-)

  6. Maggie-

    I am so glad to have a friend along for the ride. I guess patience is something that is incredibly hard to grasp when you have a dream so big and meaningful -- you just want to make it happen! I too support our household, though at least PhD programs offer small stipends. But through cooking, and baking, I find great stress relief and passion, and I know this is something I was given a gift for. Since age 6 I have cooked, first (with a stool to reach the counter) I taught my mother how to make Chicken Kiev!

    At any rate, hang in there too, we will make it to the top!!!

    (PS. I embrace typos -- I am the world’s best worst typer!)


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