Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love, Romance, and some Frites

I rarely fry foods.  I don't own a fryer, I don't often have a gallon of Oil on Hand, and in all honesty I am content with most non fried foods.  But let's be truthful here, from time to time, a gal needs some fried food.  And today was the day.

But being someone who is highly influenced by the weather, I wanted more than salty fried food.  I wanted a harvest winter fall zing with a creamy cheesy bite.  I wanted something to lift my spirits and zing my taste buds... Something that I would be jealous of had someone else been enjoying it....

So I thought to myself for a moment... and wondered why this was the first time I thought to do this!  Eager to start I filled a soup pot with oil, chopped some potatoes into perfect thick fries, and cooked up some crispy, deep fried love.

Then, with hot fries sizzling as I drained off excess oil, I dusted them with ground sage.  The smells lifted me to a new level, and my house smelled like fall.  But this was not yet enough.  Still hot and crisp, I also threw some sea salt on them, and finally topped these burning hot treats with freshly grated Romano Cheese.

At first bite we were engaged... second practically married... and within moments and deep breathes to cool my lips and tongue, they were gone.  What did I do?!  How could I have eaten them so fast?

Then I heard it.... the sound of oil popping and potatoes crisping.   Did I do this with shear desire... How did more potatoes start cooking... Have I completely lost my mind?

Then it hit me:  My husband added more fries to the oil!  With Sage, Cheese, and Wine in hand, I realized that I had the best snack, and husband one could ask for.

Can these get any better!!!??  With an aioli maybe!!

Sage and Romano Pomme Frites
What You Need:
6 Potatoes, cut into Fries
Cooking Oil to Fry (I prefer Olive Oil fo These!)
Ground Sage
Romano Cheese

Slice your potatoes to desired cut and thickness.  Deep fry for 20 minutes, or until they are crispy and golden brown.  Once removed dust with sea salt, sage, and cheese.

It's that simple, yes.  But trust me, these are hard to resist!

I hope you enjoy!


  1. French fries are far and away my biggest junk food downfall. I have, until this moment, avoided actually deep frying them at home and instead have baked them in the oven. Now, thanks to you, I'll be making these at home ASAP! :-) I am totally sold. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maggie, I ALWAYS bake my fries too! But for some reason the idea of frying them possessed me... and I want to tell you a secret: I have no guilty feelings except that I want more! haha I hope you enjoy ;)

  3. Oh yum, just yum! And what a husband!

  4. He is a cutie huh? Also helps with the dishes!!!

  5. Gotta love a good french fry =)


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