Sunday, October 23, 2011

Homemade Candy Bars

Spook your friends with these easy to make Candy Bars!
Complexity Level:  Easy
I used a Bone and Finger Ice Cube Tray to make Spooktastic Candies!
Homemade Candy Bars
What You Need:
2 lbs. Melting Chocolate
I used White and Milk Chocolates

Peanut Butter Filling
1/2 cup Peanut Butter
1 stick Butter, melted
1 cup Powdered Sugar

Nutty Filling
Whole Almonds
Whole Cashews
Whole Hazelnuts

Nutella Filling

1/2 cup Nutella
1 stick Butter, melted
1 cup Powdered Sugar

Crispy Filling
Rice Krispy Cereal
Melted chocolate

This is so much fun to do with kids, or to use as a theme for holidays and birthdays.  If you are using the Peanut BUtter or Nutella fillings, beat the ingredients together to make a thick mixture.  You can roll this mixture into shapes and dip into chocolate.  This is the same mixture used for Buckeyes!

To use a mold for your candy bars, spoon just enough chocolate into the mold to coat the bottom and sides.  Freeze 2 minutes.  remove from the freezer and add your fillings -- nuts, peanut butter mixture, nutella mixture, etc.  If you want to use the crispy cereal, mix with the melted chocolate and fill your mold while it is still warm.

Top your fillings with more melted chocolate and tap the molds 3 times to settle the chocolate.  Freeze 3-5 minutes.  Pop from molds and enjoy!

Standard Ice cube trays make perfect homemade minis!




  1. Yum! Homemade candy bars are always so much tastier than store bought ones for some reason :)

  2. And you get to make them into any shape you want! I love making these things!

  3. I eat a candy bar a day so I think I need to try these. I love the mold you used and the fact that you used nutella!


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