Sunday, October 23, 2011

Candied Bacon

Thats right, no typos:  Candied Bacon.  
Complexity Level:  Easy
Candied Bacon
What You Need:
6 oz. Bacon
1 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Water

There is little to no work here, until the recipes done and you are fighting away your friends for that last, crispy, sweet, salty goodness....

To start, cook you bacon.  Drain the grease (I save bacon grease... its AWESOME in brownies).  Next, heat the sugar and water to a simmer and let simmer 10 minutes prior to dipping your bacon.  When hot and lava like, dip your bacon into the mixture, then set onto wax paper to dry.  Thats it!

And people say sugar is bad.....  not this, this is good.  Really good.




  1. Ummmm. this is amazing! I imagine this as a garnish on a chocolate, bacon cupcake. yes, I said it! LOL

  2. YES!!!!! I was thinking the same, and am so happy to know someone with the same "twisted yet amazing" view :)

  3. HECK YES! When I was little I used to dip my bacon into syrup when my mom made pancakes or waffles. Love the salty and sweet combo! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love candy... I love bacon... Therefore, I need to make this immediately.

  5. The only thing better would be chocolate bacon.

  6. hahaha Sherry-- Save your baking grease and use it in brownies. just saying lol......

    Ravie-- LOVE IT :)

  7. Ok you need to now share the recipe for the brownies made with the bacon grease!!


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