Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creamy Apple Squash Soup

Harvest Veggies + Fall Flavors = Tasty Love!!!
Creamy Apple Squash Soup
What You Need:
1 Acorn Squash, skinned and roughly chopped
3 Apples, skinned/seeded and roughly chopped
2 Cloves Garlic, peeled and halved (or 1 tsp powder)
1/2 Onion, peeled and roughly sliced
4 tbsp Butter
4 tbsp Flour
1 tsp Ground Savory
1 Celery Heart Stalk, chopped + stem
2 cups Cream (I use Fat Free Half N Half)
1 tbsp Salt
1 tsp Black Pepper
4 cups Apple Cider (or Juice)
1 twig Fresh Thyme (or 1 tsp Dried in a Tea Strainer)
2 cups Water
1 Zuchini, skinned and roughly chopped
2 tbsp Sugar

This is one soup that makes the season magical.  True story!  To start, melt the butter and flour in a large soup pot, whisking often.  One melted, let this cook for 2 minutes, whisking constantly.  Next, add the apple juice, water, and cream slowly then the salt, garlic powder and savory, whisking together.  The next cooking tactic is to "steep" this mixture with flaors.  This means we will not boil/ scald/ simmer the broth.  Instead, add the chopped apples, onion, zuchini, celery + stem, and tea strainer with thyme (or twig) and cook no higher than 2.5 on the stove top aka between lo and med.  This is to prevent breaking the soup, burning the cream, and ruining the yum.

While steeping this (and you should be stirring every 10 minutes), roughly chop the acorn squash skin attached and boil.  The squash is very hard so use a good knife and be careful.  We boil this so it is easy to remove the skin.

I steep the broth no less than 1 hour.  Strain and remove the tea strainer, celery root, and any skin pieces are seeds you see you may have missed.  This soup is velvety and creamy, so next we puree.  In a blender (hold the lid on tight!  Heat will expand and a mess will occur), you will cream the creamy broth and chunks of apples/squash.  Serve hot!  I love serving this in an Acorn Squash bowl, but to be honest, it is fabulous no matter how you serve!




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