Saturday, April 10, 2010

Smoked Almond Encrusted Ahi Tuna

Simple Just Got Tasty! And that Just got Cheap! ($9-$10 for 2)

Smoked Almond Encrusted Ahi Tuna Steak
Served over a bed of Tangy Rice Noodles
2 Ahi Tuna Steaks, Fresh
Sea Salt
Smoked Almonds (1 small can will cover 2 steaks)
Black Pepper
1 Lime
1 tsp Rice Vinegar
1 tsp Horseradish (wasabi is better is budgeted)
1 tsp Soy Sauce (gluten free: Braggs Amino Acids -- at whole foods)
Rice Noodles

What To Do:
Heat the oven to 400 degrees (for well done) or set to broil (if electric and for medium rare).
Using a food processor, chop the almonds until roughly ground. Mix these with 1 tbsp Olive Oil and set aside. Start a pot of water to boil for the rice noodles.
In a medium skillet, spray with cooking spray and heat over medium heat.
Salt and pepper both sides of the tuna steaks., then press the almond olive oil mixture onto the tops, pressing to bind the almond mixture together. Carefully place the tuna steaks into the heated pan and sear the bottoms for 5 minutes. Transfer the pan to the oven and bake -- if a well done consistency is desired, bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. If you like the tuna more rare than well done, simply broil the steak for 2 minutes (keeping a close eye to prevent burning). Remove and let sit 5 minutes -- and boil the rice noodles. These will cook very fast, so 4-5 minutes in boiling water is enough!

Toss the cooked noodles with the horseradish (or wasabi) adding more if you like heat -- the 1 tsp will not add heat but rather a soft tangy flavor -- the vinegar, and 1 tbsp of crushed almonds. Plate the noodles, then top with the tuna steak. Drizzle with fresh lime juice and soy sauce (or braggs for gluten free). Serve immediately! Yum!

Eating Restaurant Food for way less money never does get old!

Please email me with your success stories, favorite food,s or pictures of things you tried and made! I love the feedback and want to post your stories!




  1. Nice Aimee! I've done some Ahi before, but not with almonds or horseradish, etc. mmmhmmm

  2. it was superb!!! how have you been????!!!! i miss you and stealing your parking spot!!


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