Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simply Amazing French Toast

This recipe is being posted for Crystal, who once ate 8 slices ;)

Simply Amazing French Toast

What you Need:
6-8 Slices Bread* (please do yourself a favor and read the hints at the end of this simple recipe)
4 Eggs
2 tbsp Cream (use your favorite flavored Coffee Creamer-- EXCELLENT with Hazelnut)
1 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Vanilla Extract (unless you are using flavored creamer--which I highly highly encourage!)

What to do:
Brush the inside of a killet with just enough butter to lightly coat, and heat over medium heat. Whisk the ingredients together (leaving out butter or course) and one by one dunk the bread into the mixture, then place into the heated skillet. It will take about 4 minutes to brown the first side, 2 the other. Plate with Powdered sugar, syrup, fresh fruit, or eat alone.

Why is this so short, and why do you think this is helpful... French Toast is Easy...

Check it out:
Mix up the stuff yo!

Bread is not just bread anymore: Mix up this treat by using any
of the following in place of plain bread:
White Chocolate Pistachio Bread (whole foods, $4), Angel Food Cake (regular grocery store $2), Chocolate Cherry Bread (whole foods $4), Seven grain Bread ($2), Cinnamon Swirl Bread ($2), Chocolate Bread ($4), Raisin Bread ($2.50), etc

Skip on the sugar and vanilla/flavored creamer, and make a savoury toast by
adding salt, pepper, and your favorite spices to egg mix:
Rosemary bread (whole foods/ reg grocery store $3-$4)., Olive Bread (whole foods/ reg grocery store $3-$4), Pumpernickel Bread (reg grocery store $3), Sage Herbed Bread ($3), etc!

Creamers that make the sweet mix divine:
Hazelnut, Belgium Chocolate (skip on cinnamon if using this, though they are good together), Vanilla Latte, Caramel, Pumpkin Spice, GingerBread, Irish Cream (skip on cinnamon), Southern Butter Pecan, Toffee

SAVE MONEY AND GET REDUCED BREAD! Nothing makes french toast better than good stale bread. Seriously, it absorbs more flavor!

Savoury Toast makes French Toast travel to a new level!

Stuffed French toast is simple too. You can follow this recipe, but when you are cooking toast, after first flip, place a mixture of cream-cheese and your favorite fruit topping (OR JUST USE FLAVORED CREAM CHEESE!) and top with another french toast slice, cooked sides inside, then cook these together by browning the other sides. Its like a sandwich, and its pretty rich.

Topping french toast with whipped cream is also amazing. If you are trying to impress someone, here are some ways to whip up a good reputation in the kitchen (also good with hundreds of desserts)

What you Need to start: Whipped Cream (cool whip works best)

Navan (its a vanilla liquor-- holy delicious when added to whipped cream)
Chocolate Syrup
Maple Syrup
Frozen Strawberries in heavy syrup
Crushed Pineapples
Lemon Juice
Tangerine Juice

This is an amazing treat:

Epic Cheese Drizzle
(the name "epic" is from an explanation I received when I cooked for others and they were describing it to me!)
Place 1 block of cream cheese into a food processor. Add 1 cup Powdered sugar, 2 tbsp Milk, and the juice of 1 tangerine (or your favorite fruit juice and yes lemon is great too). Mix until smooth. If you need to thin out the sauce, add more milk, and if you wish for it to be thicker, add more powdered sugar. I made this for a crêpe party.... and people were eating the sauce alone!

I hope this helps! Happy Eating!



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