Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alcohol Tips Your Friends Will Envy

Tips to Making Drinks Flavor Packed!

I love mixing drinks as much as I love cooking. Sometimes though, it seems buying mixers, juices, sodas, etc add up the bill so I'm stuck with bottom shelf alcohol. A traumatic mistake from the beginning. How can you make drinks without the added costs and calories?

Infused Flavors of course!

You can make such a large variety, I will give you the lead and let yourself wonder! For example, I love Mojitos, but I hate going out and trying to act cute not realizing I have half a sprig of mint in my teeth thanks to the delicious drink! How awful! Tip 1. Buy either a Citrus Rum or Light Rum, and put 3-5 Sprigs on Mint into the bottle. I say let it marinate for a week, but you can shorten the time as so need be. Now you have minty, citrusy rum! Throw in the sugar and soda water, a nice cut lime and maybe a decorative mint leave, and your done! Much healthier than those corn syrupy mixers, and free if you grow mint!

Basil Vodka = Yum. Same idea, put whole basil in vodka and let it infuse. The last blog has a basil lemon martini, which is tasty. Skip the pepper vodka and just infuse a lemon vodka. You can just drink this on on the rocks if you wanted!

Peppermint works, cinnamon, licorice, the peels you take off your citrus fruits, Vanilla beans (though vanilla alcohol is simple to buy, you can get crafty and infuse vanilla into an already flavored alcohol: ex.) Cherry Vanilla, Lime Vanilla, Watermelon Vanilla, etc), you can even steep tea bags in the alcohol to add a touch of antioxidants and a hint of flavor.

I have created hundreds of drinks that without infusing the alcohol, would have lost their glamour. Trust me. It's a great way to impress people without breaking the bank!

More to come of course, and please ask away! I just was craving a basil martini so I thought to share!


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